There's More for You

There's More for You

Experience GOD. Walk in FREEDOM.


There is MORE for your life. Let THE MIX Church – a life-giving community bringing hope to the city of Baltimore – help you get there.




Experience GOD through our Weekend Services

Walk in FREEDOM as you connect and grow in our community, MIX Groups

Discover PURPOSE by learning more about our role and your role in God’s kingdom in Growth Track

Make a DIFFERENCE in our city and world by serving on our Dream Team

God moves in your life in ways that are greater than you can imagine or think. Your relationship with God deepens. Our godly community makes you feel seen and valued. And, you let go of your past to live a passionate and purposeful life. There is MORE for YOU!

There's More for You

We’re Ready to Meet You!

There are several places for you to park on and close to our campus. As you approach our campus, our team and signage will help guide you to the right place. We have handicapped parking for those with disability tags or if physically challenged guests are with you
There's More for You

There’s More for Your Little Ones Too!

That’s why we’ve created a special place just for them that they will enjoy. MIX Kids is a fun weekly experience where our leaders pour into the next generation – raising up world-changers who love God and His house!

Pre-registration opens for your little ones (ages 0 – 11) to attend MIX Kids in-person on Fridays at 12pm.

There's More for You


Pastor Marcus and his wife, Tamichia, envisioned more for Baltimore City and for you! They saw people leaving behind isolation and fear to become a mix of people working together to change lives and the world. And, through God’s empowerment, they embarked on a mission to create a place for those people to thrive – THE MIX Church.

Together, with their MIX family, Pastor Marcus and Tamichia are building a home where anyone belongs so everyone can become who they were created to be.



Our friendly, encouraging, and hope-filled services are typically 1.5 hours long. Worship is lively and Spirit-filled. If you use light sensitivity glasses for concert venue events, bring them with you.

You'll be greeted with a warm welcome from our team. During your visit, you'll hear instructions for First Time Guests that you should follow. When you do, you'll receive a gift and more information about your next steps at THE MIX.

There is no dress code to come and worship with us at THE MIX. Come in what's comfortable for you!

Lots of smiling. Lots of hugging (although hugs are optional). Lots of excitement - cause we're excited about what Christ is doing in our lives. Warm, personable conversations. We treat you like you're at home with us. We treat you like you're already a part of our family.

We welcome middle and high schoolers to join us in the main service on Sundays! Interested teens are trained to serve in MIX Kids. We also have a MIX Group for teens. Click here for more information about MIX Groups.