Who We Are

Who We Are

About Us

THE MIX is just that: a collection of people from all different backgrounds, races, and socio-economic journeys who come together to pursue a passionate purpose. Jesus said to love your neighbor, and so we must first learn who our neighbors are. We are a church that is for the community, not just in the community, and one as diverse as the city we call home. THE MIX cultivates unlikely but lasting connections while changing lives and the world around us.
Who We Are


Marcus is a Maryland native, born and raised in East Baltimore. He loves this City and its mix of people and culture. His amazing wife is Tamichia (Meshe is what we call her) and he is a dad to three young ladies: Tyshea, Maya and Kirsten.
Marcus & Tamichia understand that life doesn’t go the same for all of us.  We each are given our share of joys and disappointments, but they’ve learned that no matter what life has brought you, you still have a purpose -we are all created with a purpose. They believe that true life begins when we discover purpose and purpose is discovered when we connect with God. Marcus & Tamichia are perfect examples of God using ordinary people to do extraordinary things! Their heart is to see lives changed. They believe that we are destined to change the world one person at a time.
Who We Are

The Vision

We believe our city is in need of more churches that exist beyond Weekend Services. We see a church full of diverse people, cultures, generations and life experiences. We see a church for people that are far from perfect, but who have a heart for others.

We see a MIX of people coming together to change lives and the world.

Who We Are

The Mission

WE EXIST TO HELP PEOPLE MOVE FROM THEIR PAST TO PASSION AND PURPOSE – A FULL LIFE IN JESUS CHRIST “The thief comes only to steal and kill and destroy; I have come that they may have life, and have it to the full.” – John 10:10 NIV

Core Values


Leading others into a growing relationship with Jesus Christ.


We value all people.


Church is to be enjoyed; not endured. Do not take yourself too seriously.

Intimacy With God:

God desires an intimate relationship with us.

Relational Evangelism:

Forgiveness through Christ is conveyed through personal relationships.


Excellence is not perfectionism. It is giving your best and always getting better.


Live with integrity and nothing else matters. If you do not live with integrity, nothing else matters.