MIX Kids Pre-Registration

MIX Kids Pre-Registration

We can’t wait to see your kids on Sunday mornings to teach them about the love of Jesus through interactive Bible Lessons and Fun Experiments! Pre-registration is highly recommended for MIX Kids due to limited spaces.

Pre-registration opens on Saturdays at 10 am.

To pre-register your children, select the following links based on the age of the child:

Frequently Asked Questions:

  • Once pre-registration has closed, can I Check-In my child for MIX Kids onsite when I arrive on Sundays?

If you did not pre-register your child, you will only be able to check-in your child in-person if space is available.

  • How do I Check-In once I arrive?

Follow the signs to the appropriate Check-In station. There are two stations: One is located on the lower level for children ages 4-10 years and the second is located on the upper level for children ages 2-3 years. Give the MIX Kids staff your child’s name, and you and your child will both receive a sticker with a matching code. If for any reason we need to reach you during service, this code will appear on the monitors in the auditorium and you will need to come to the MIX Kids area.

  • How do I receive a QR Code for contactless Check-In?

When you arrive at THE MIX with your child, you will be directed to the MIX Kids area. Once you are in the MIX Kids area, you can ask the MIX Kids staff for a QR code and they will assist you. Then, the next time your child arrives to attend MIX Kids, you can scan the QR code at one of our kiosks to check-in and print your name tags without staff assistance.

  • What happens during Check-In?

Temperature checks are performed and hands are sanitized before allowing children to enter the MIX Kids area.

  • When can I drop off my child?

MIX Kids pre-registration opens 15-minutes before our experience begins. Your pre-registration spot only holds for 15-minutes after the experience begins. There is a capacity limit so pre-registration is encouraged.

  • What COVID-19 procedures are we following?

Each area is equipped with sanitation stations. Staff and children 2-years and older are required to wear a face mask at all times regardless of vaccination status. No outside food or toys will be allowed in the MIX Kids area. Children with any visual cold/flu symptoms will not be able to attend MIX Kids at the time of apparent symptoms. All classrooms are well ventilated and are disinfected before and after each experience (this also includes all shared materials).

  • Will my child be given a snack?

Yes! Snacks will be given as a grab and go at the end of our MIX Kids experience.